Try Something New – We Tried It on Pinterest: Glitter DIY

Hey there! We’ve mentioned it before and now it’s here, the “We Tried It on Pinterest” posts will be coming in now. Testing out something new every time we have the chance and taking advantage of some down time!

Who Are We?

Well, you most of you who find yourselves here might know me. I’m Lori, a Southern California resident who lives life with the daily goal in mind of improving myself through personal development and hopefully I can help others along the way. With me for our We Tried It on Pinterest posts is Roxy! A craft-inclined friend of mine who loves trying new things and keeps me on my toes with new perceptions on all things.

While Roxy is craft-inclined we’ve both stuck to our own hobbies for a long time, and really trying new things is a big part of personal development. Not to mention that spending some time with a friend is therapeutic also, so we’re really accomplishing two things with taking some time out each week to pick a post to try off Pinterest.

How are we picking? Well, our first goal is to tackle something we have no experience in. This seems to be what most Pinterest users run into with the many Pinterest fails found on the internet. A post looks super easy because it’s a pro doing it but when an amateur makes a full hearted attempt it just … isn’t the same. So, here we are, amateurs trying new things. We started really simple, but found a great pin and ended up loving the results:

Great instructions clearly lead to great results!

The Pinterest Fails Seem to Far Out Weigh the Wins


I’m pleased to say that our first attempt at trying something new to both of us on Pinterest was a total win! Thank you Ka Styles for your DIY Glitter Mason Jar Tutorial. You helped two girls who had not done any crafts with mason jars or glitter (post 3rd grade) embark on a mission to glitter soo many things now. So we’re not dragging you along our startling, and nearly dry results are in!

The KA Styles DIY Glitter Mason Jar Tutorial

The guide is really straight forward but also offers alternatives. So if you find yourself in a crafting mood and you don’t have the supplies she uses, all hope is not lost! Roxy and I ended up using Mod Podge, because we thought we’d be fancy about something we’ve never tried before. In the Pin she uses Elmer’s Glue and we are pretty sure it would have been just fine. Although since it was our first time using Mod Podge we’re pretty excited about it and ready to Mod Podge so many more things.

The glitter we used was Wal-Mart store bought and super fine, but still achieved the desired affect only with slightly less glam. It was a small detail but next time around, maybe when we’re ready for some Christmas crafting we’ll bust out the chunky glitter.

Overall, this was great. Her instructions and alternatives are greatly appreciated and this is a pin for anyone. All you need is about an hour and half from setup to clean up!

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